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Janet Hansen

Unless record companies can figure out a new model, these reports will continue coming year after year. I have no sympathy for top-heavy corporations that make really bad decisions and continue to market product to a very small fraction of the population.

In just about a week the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock will occur. I would guess the median age of people at that historic event was about 20. If you do the math those people are about 60 right now. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that demographic, the Baby Boomers created the empire the music industry once was. It doesn't take a rocket scientest to figure out that people from that era LOVE music. Yet, the fact remains major record labels do not have a marketing plan for anyone older than about 25-35 years old.

76-78 million people make up the Baby Boomer generation...the largest segment of the American population who genuinely appreciate cover art, liner notes and holding a physical product in their hands. They understand an entire album or CD is like a book. You can't buy just one chapter and get the gist of what the author intended. There is an art to creating a full album of music.

For those that insist they only like one or two songs on any given CD, this is what I was taught by one of the most renowned composers of the 20th century. Mason Williams who wrote Classical Gas said, "If you don't like a song, listen to it until you can figure out why." It's very simple and important advice.

Incidentally, Mason Williams composed the most- broadcast instrumental tune in history on Warner Bros.

Janet Hansen

Guillaume Déziel

I guess the fact that majors have decided to sue their own consumers will not help out at all!

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