iTunes LP Appears Destined For Bigger Screens

ITunes Lp

The technical details are a bit technical for the average non-coder, but it appears that Apple's new album download on steroids, the iTunes LP is destined for bigger screens than your computer or iPod.

From the start, the rumors about Apple's new album format (originally code named "Cocktail") were centered around some kind of new Apple tablet product – more than an iPod Touch but less than a computer.  Now some some detective work by AppleInsider has revealed that,  "the iTunes LP album and iTunes Extras movie-enriching bonus material bundles Apple introduced as a new feature of iTunes 9 are built using a new TuneKit JavaScript framework and appear aimed to deliver new big screen content to Apple TV."

In laymen's terms that means that we're looking only at the tip of the iTunes LP iceberg and new platforms and features should be announced in the coming months.

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  1. The growing use of WebKit in iTunes today could be a step in that direction. Apple didn’t have to write separate Mac and Windows renderers for the new iTunes LP content or the new iTunes Store — they just used WebKit, which already works great on both OSes.

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