REWIND: The Music Industry's Week In Review
Kyle Bylin's Q&A Session at Next Big Nashville

More Music Industry News: MP3 Volume Laws, Twitter Slows, ISP Inaction, Mobile Bright Spot & More

  • Pump down the volume, EU to tell MP3 makers - Tens of millions of people will be forced to listen to portable music at permanently reduced volume under European Commission proposals to be unveiled next week. (AFP)
  • Razor & Tie drops Limewire lawsuit. (Billboard)
  • Time for Digital Music to Get a Reality Check. (GigaOM) A reality check is overdue.
  • Is Facebook speeding up while Twitter slows? On the heels of Twitter’s latest fundraising round valuing it at a reported $1 billion, data suggests the site’s growth may be slowing.’s market share of visits peaked in June then declined into this month, according to analytics service HitWise. (Digital Beat)
  • BPI Decries ISP Inaction Against 100K Music Pirates - A UK music industry group claims that it has given an ISP evidence that thousands of its customers are pirating music but it has done nothing to stop them. Since February the BPI has harvested the IP addresses of 100,000 BT Broadband customers but is now labeling the ISP’s lack of action against them as “shameful.” (TorrentFreak)
  • The last pre-Sony payments have been sent to rights holders from eMusic. (Digital Audio Insider)
  • Twitter confirms new funding. (NY Times)
  • Zune HD: The best portable media player you may never buy. (Beta News) Finally a worthy competitor.
  • Colorado's Finest Records is closing. (Coloradoan)
  • Mobile usage is a rare bright spot for the music industry. (Reuters)
  • The growing success of tiny NY indie label Woodsist. (NY Magazine) They release cassettes! 
  • Music Industry Copies Language Of Copyright Reformers In Pushing For Three Strikes. (Techdirt)