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Justin Boland

I dunno.

It was certainly a dead pitch to you, but that whole project looks pretty smart for MTV. They want "intern"-style slave labor from highly connected, self-obsessed people who live online, and they're going to make that demographic compete for the chance.

Yes, it looks like their existing interns made a quick mistake sending you the offer, but maybe MTV bought someone's list that you're on. Either way, I think the results of this contest would cripple me with fear for the future of our species, so never want to know if I was right about this prediction...but I do think MTV is smart to do this. Smart like Mr. Burns, smart like Kenneth Lay, smart like Ryan Seacrest.


Smart? Maybe. It strikes me as a desperate grab to consolidate 'internet thought leaders' into the MTV brand, in order to fight waning relevance. It might work on a basic level, giving them 'hip' people they can link to, but I don't know how much influence they would really have. They certainly wouldn't be the first to try to bribe bloggers to issue glowing reviews...


1) "More," applied correctly, means more committed, not more quantity;

2) Lefsetz is not mean, he's merely frank;

3) ditto Neil: this is MTV's attempt to be relevant and at the center of the Interwebs conversation by appealing to the recipient's ego. Fail.

Justin Boland

They're not asking for bloggers at all, man. Look at the contest: it's online video. You're definitely reading it wrong if you think they're trying to co-opt actual thinkers, here. This is a popularity contest for photogenic egomaniacs who already love MTV culture. Not for Kyle Bylin and Bruce.

Clint DeBerry

I like the blatant appeal to the ego !!! Ahhaaaa, funny stuff! - 'Elite Influencer'(I can barely type this as I chuckle)anyone who would be an 'Elite Influencer' wouldn't be such if they were to be influenced by this transparent ploy. And not only are you important but your hip too because you 'represent'...(still chuckling)


It doesn't appear to be about blogging or video. Just a picture and an inane quote, then you get voted on, to become an 'elite influencer' who might be called upon to work on some of MTV's mysterious 'future engagements'.

Not only is the 'culture' banal drivel, but the 'contest' is for a completely ambiguous, meaningless prize. Maybe it's just a weak ploy to get more people using Brickfish (whatever the hell that is)...

That said, Bruce, I think you should sign up. The potential comedic value cannot be overstated.


I suspect anything with fish in the URL. Who decided that hip new companies had to have fish in their name?

Sorry- off topic but as a former naming specialist I can't resist poling fun at companies that buy into adding fish to their names. Brickfish?

Brick= basketball fail, fish = smells fishy. Brickfish = 2x fail.


I would agree that sending you this pitch doesn't work...you're not their target.

However, anyone who read that pitch and doesn't realize that Gen Y would be (probably already are) all over this, then they don't know Gen Y at all. I could explain, but that's pointless right now...that email wasn't meant for this. That pitch screams at Gen Y, that's all I have to say.

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Even though I fit into the demographic of Gen Y, this pitch annoys me tremendously and I don't quite understand how my age group can fall for this stuff.

Still, I think it would actually be fun (in a "major labels are obsolete"-ad on Columbia website kind of way) if a middle aged man like Bruce would show up in a video (parody) telling the viewers what's the NEXT BIG THING because it's the truth. MTV aren't hip kids these days but middle aged men.


Lefsetz is way beyond frank. Frank is telling someone "yes" when they ask you if they are gaining to much weight. Mean is walking up to strangers and pointing out their shortcomings unprovoked. Lefsetz falls into the later category.

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