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MySpace Beats Facebook With Twitter Synch

MySpace Twitter

MySpace began rolling out new functionality today that allows users to sync
their MySpace status updates with a Twitter feed.  Any U.S. user
can opt-in so that updates created on MySpace
will appear on Twitter and posts to Twitter appear within their MySpace status & mood.

The system was created using open authentication technology OAuth which allows limited data to be shared between sites while protecting account credentials.

Syncing functionality includes:

  • Status updates synced from MySpace to Twitter and vice versa
  • Updates originating from MySpace will be noted as such on Twitter and vice versa
  • Status syndication can be enabled for one-way or two-way
  • When updates post to Twitter, readers have a link back to MySpace to make commenting easy
  • Enables on-the-go status syncing (for Twitter and MySpace Mobile – WAP and apps)
  • Open authentication technology (OAuth) protects account credentials and data shared between sites

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