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Bob SLayer

Hey nice review of the new SellaBand model...

One correction - under the old Model you could still release through other labels and sell at gigs etc - I manage Electric Eel Shock who are releasing their SellaBand album through Universal in Japan and a bunch of Independents around the world...

BUT the new terms gets rid of all restrictions - we will return to SellaBand for future projects and we will have total control and ownership over the music created.
We are looking into giving all the music away... and only selling special limited editions...
See what Trent Reznor thinks about this

The new SellaBand is going to be fantastic for artists
And it is up to them to keep their believers (fans) happy - By incentivising them properly and keeping their promises. This is exciting times for the music industry.

Fan Funded = more artists in control of their own sustainable career = more artistic freedom = more interesting artists being able to stick around and keep creating their own individual sound.

Hats off to SellaBand - I believe that Fan Funding will soon become an integral part of the music industry.

Matthew Ebel

Gotcha! I must have been under a misunderstanding for the distribution aspect of it. Other than that, though, I am thrilled to see this move by Sellaband!


This is great news for artists, as Sellaband's former high minimum was one of my critiques.

Matthew Ebel

Indeed, the only reason I got involved with the first incarnation of SellaBand was because my investors ("Believers") would get a refund if I backed out. Now I don't need to, I just need to double what I've already got going for me.

It's a good move, I just hope my fans see it as such.


Just take a listen to a few Sellaband CD's , and you know why nobody buys them . I don't think that dropping the budget will change anything :P .

Martin Atkins

we're trying a new model here at the school in Chicago - a weekend gets you: set up, 2 days recording, engineer, production, editing and mastering, 100 cds duplicated, 25 t-shirts too!....its something like $1500 and gets a band exactly what they need to start monetising, promoting right away. We are tweaking the model - the first band wanted 2 different shirt designs and wanted us to spend more time mixing and I ended up doing a free remix for the german dance floor crowd.......but i'm excited....feels like we made a difference.
Martin Atkins

Matthew Ebel

I would imagine that's really a matter of taste. I personally can't stand anything Jack White has ever done in his entire career, but obviously the public and the music industry love the shit out of him. Yet I've heard indie albums made for less than $2,000 that blow my mind.

I guess the point is that Sellaband's appeal is not that it's a measure of talent, just a measure of ability to organize. Imagine what might happen when a band with some talent gets $10,000 to record an album...


we're doing this for films. we go beta live in a couple of weeks.

Please help us get started by registering for the project beta site at


crowdfunding film

dave geertz


I wouldn't often recommend SellaBand because that 50k minimum really made it useless for a lot of smaller bands. Dropping it was a smart move. It should open it up to a lot more artists.

The Editor

this is perfect, but i wonder how hip hop artist could benefit, anything is better than sitting in front of Fat Beats or Times Square, now just do the showcases and say, if you believe go to this site, have it on a card or something and boom, there you go

Matthew Ebel

Honestly, any artist/band that has fans with Paypal can benefit. It seems like a good idea to me, I'll let you know when I get to that goal.

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