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The three answers aren't enough. Pressure should be put on people but it should be the P2P facilitators, not the public. This is similar to the drug industry: For a long time the Government has realised it's the drug pushers that should be prosecuted, not so much the users - same applies here, except that by punishing the users who download illegal music, they push them away from music altogether by alienating them.

And how many will start using WiFi hotspots or other peoples unencrypted WiFi to download - how will they be dealt with?


I actually don't think it's an unreasonable plan (although maybe I'm so used to the draconian RIAA lawsuits that I'm amenable to anything that doesn't involve personal bankruptcy).

What I don't understand: why would artists be the ones pushing it? Let the lawmakers be the badguys. This is not something I would ever put my name on. If they need a cause to shout on the soapbox for, I'd hope they can think of something more important than file-sharing... (like, um, pretty much anything).

Julian Moore

I'm all for a fair debate on the whole subject. But what no one ever seems to mention is the ISPs themselves. How the heck is anyone meant to know anything until an audit of the ISPs is done, and where the hell are they in this debate? They're nowhere, hiding and slinging out random numbers to further their own cause, just like the major labels are doing.

We need everyone to be at the table and total transparency or this debate will never go anywhere. We are dealing with monopolies on every side, all of them making outrageous and invalidated claims while the content creators bicker amongst themselves, impotent without the real data they need to form any substantial argument.

Jackie Henrion

See my article on Newsvine about possible long term alternative thinking to lawsuits:

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