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10 Reasons MySpace Is The Best Music Site Evah

GUEST POST: This entry comes from UK indie artists Georgia Wonder, who in addition to writing amusing blog posts make some really good music and using all things d.i.y. to promote it.  In fact, some day soon, I'll tell you the story of how they used Twitter to finance their new "Destroy" EP.image from

1. It's still predominantly a cool toilet blue colour. 

2. It's 'retro chic' menus and pages still give you the feeling that you're in 2001

3. Most of MySpace still try to dedicate at least 30% of screen real estate to banner ads, sometimes 50%

4. MySpace still allows you to connect with your fans by letting you check every comment on your page for html embeds

5. You can now sync your tweets up with your myspace account, so people can leave cool update comments like 'weekends almost here! not trying to brag but i got paid $212 today 🙂 if you wanna make some extra money read this article.'

6. You can still embed as many youtube videos as you like on your homepage and watch as people's browsers explode under the strain

7. You can still create a top banner image for your homepage so large that it pushes all the horrible myspace crap at least halfway down so people don't have to look at it

8. You can still use third party sites to create a background image for your homepage that flashes so many hearts and stars it can induce seizures

9. You can still use friend bots to add thousands of friends a week to make your band look really cool and important

10. You can still use MySpace to tell people who are a bit slow where you're really hanging out online

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  1. Yeah is this a joke. Myspace is on its way down, the numbers show it. The artist website is the main domain, Myspace no longer retains that position.

  2. Whether an artist’s main webpage, Facebook, or Myspace is the main focus of the fans attention is rather irrelevant. What GW are simply highlighting are the the functions of Myspace in being able to utilise one of the many free online methods of promoting yourself, be you a member of a band, solo artist or promoter, etc. As you have probably noticed in your studies of Myspace that many hugely successful bands post up their entire new albums for fans to ‘preview’ before making a purchase. A bold, or perhaps stupid move if Myspace is becoming defunct. Presumably Bombtune and Farrell Faucet are intellectual types, judging by their vast knowledge of all things humorous (I always thought that humor, like musical taste is a personal choice, but there you go)and online web traffic. They probably studied business studies, & would be knowledgeable in the fact that any publicity puts your campaign into the public eye, and particularly free publicity is a must when running your own business and keeping your overheads low…

  3. In my mind, Myspace does one thing, and does it well – streaming. That’s usually the only reason I look at someone else’s page. And, as an artist, it’s nice not to have to worry about how many streams you get before your server’s bandwidth quota runs out.
    That said, Bandcamp blows Myspace away in terms of a streaming host. Put your whole album up with all artwork, no ads or distractions, genuinely useful statistics beyond ‘plays’…

  4. This is hilarious and oh so true. Myspace is the last place I send people to check out our artists.
    I put it all on their websites and Facebook. We have a great streaming radio on the websites and with google analytics I know how many people visit it everyday (a lot). I could care less about the amount of friends and plays on Myspace. It is nothing but Spam. Rarely does a fan ever contact an artist via myspace anymore. Facebook and twitter are what they are responding to.
    And no matter what, I try to lead them back to the artists websites… that is their home, store, and place to hang out with the artist, read cool things and look at blogs and pictures in an inviting way. Trust me, the website activity has only gone up with the advent of facebook and twitter
    Nimbit has a great app for putting a store on the website, so the fan never leaves the website to make a purchase and they just developed an app that puts that same store on the musicians facebook to sell merch. it’s fantastic!

  5. Soundclick isn’t bad either. I wish that more artists would rely on forums because that is an opportune way to reach a wide fanbase.
    Myspace has been horrible since day one.

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