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10 Reasons MySpace Is The Best Music Site Evah

GUEST POST: This entry comes from UK indie artists Georgia Wonder, who in addition to writing amusing blog posts make some really good music and using all things d.i.y. to promote it.  In fact, some day soon, I'll tell you the story of how they used Twitter to finance their new "Destroy" EP.image from

1. It's still predominantly a cool toilet blue colour. 

2. It's 'retro chic' menus and pages still give you the feeling that you're in 2001

3. Most of MySpace still try to dedicate at least 30% of screen real estate to banner ads, sometimes 50%

4. MySpace still allows you to connect with your fans by letting you check every comment on your page for html embeds

5. You can now sync your tweets up with your myspace account, so people can leave cool update comments like 'weekends almost here! not trying to brag but i got paid $212 today :) if you wanna make some extra money read this article.'

6. You can still embed as many youtube videos as you like on your homepage and watch as people's browsers explode under the strain

7. You can still create a top banner image for your homepage so large that it pushes all the horrible myspace crap at least halfway down so people don't have to look at it

8. You can still use third party sites to create a background image for your homepage that flashes so many hearts and stars it can induce seizures

9. You can still use friend bots to add thousands of friends a week to make your band look really cool and important

10. You can still use MySpace to tell people who are a bit slow where you're really hanging out online