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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

Its about time they did something smart to empower the consumers who are essentially publishers. (or as gary v says. "the people formally known as the audience)

Having an API and being open is standard nowadays, this is livenation playing catchup but its a great move nonetheless.



If they could just get the Fan Club sites to work, all might be good............


This strikes me as the kind of thing that is designed to draw fans, mailing list info, discovery and general attention away from artist "brands" and towards corporate brands.

I think this is at the core of the collapse the industry is facing. It is indeed possible to turn labels, booking agents, a n' r, energy drink sponsors, distributors, ticket companies, scalpers, promoters and lawyers into "stars" but they still can't write songs....and the way people are buying these days indicates that I'm right.

OK so...Detractors, shout at me now: "PIRACY! FANS ARE THIEVES"...and so on.

The future = Songs, written and performed by artists, downloaded free or donated to artist websites....It won't happen over night, but it will be sustainable.



it's just another move to get more traction in the increasingly fragmented social web. The social web has the most passionate and most active users and creators of content, so this move is a win-win for Live Nation.

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