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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

I completely agree, to build on that I think now more than ever the music business is data driven and you need to use tools such as Bandmetrics. Google Alert/Analytics, rockdex etc to track and keep a tally to see if you are being "listened to"

Time for A/B testing and making sure you adjust accordingly to the responses.

- Danny

Jackie Henrion

Bravo - this is a great comment. Someone once said to me "It's all about relationships" and if "Listen To Me" is the only thing on the plate, it's not really impressive. I recently heard Derek Sivers (CD Baby) give a presentation at the NYC Singer/Songwriter's Circle and he said the same thing about networking. He suggested that you don't go in with a user's attitude, like "what you can do for me", rather, it's important to engage people by finding out what their interests are and how they mesh with yours.

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