Tweet For A Track Offers Free Viral Tool

image from images.intomobile.com (Updated) Using free to build your audience sounds simple, but getting something to spread virally beyond your existing fan base is far from easy. Tweet For A Track offers a launching pad via a free online tool for artists to upload a track, tweet a link to their followers and encourage them to help spread to word.

To get the free track the recipient must repost your tweet to others before he is emailed a link to download the track. As his Twitter friends do the same your track spreads virally outward.

This graphic shows how the process works:

image from www.tweetforatrack.com

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  1. It’s one step more than using Culture Jam (they only require a tweet – no email involved), but it’s FREE unlike Culture Jam – so it looks great!

  2. @James – great point!
    This is definitely a good alternative to culturejam or shelling out a few grand to have a developer crank it out for you.
    Perhaps they should make a premium version that doesn’t involve email & charge for that option.

  3. Hiya Team TweetForATrack,
    Just sent this email over to your Help@ email addy….
    First, AMAZING service. Genius, I love it!
    However, we’d love to be able to edit the text that is pushed out, taking the viral campaign even further.
    ie we just set this up for Family of the Year. The band has a new album out next week and we just exclusively gave away the opening track through Tweet For a Track. However, the auto text results in this:
    Get Family of the Year’s song Feel Good Track of Rosemead for free in exchange for one tweet:http://trkurl.com/ZnDYCE #TFAT
    One way to keep the viral campaign going + help the artist even more is to have it say Get @FamilyoftheYear and also let us amend the text to help explain what we’re trying to promote. ie
    Download the opening track from @FamilyoftheYear’s debut album by tweeting: http://bit.ly/aHGQ 🙂 Full length 11/17 via FamilyoftheYear.net34 minutes ago from web
    Just a thought that helps artists and managers out! Again, you guys rule.
    Thanks so much,
    Emily White
    Whitesmith Entertainment, Inc.

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