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Up This Week: Google Music, Real Earnings

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Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles, LaLa and iLike will announce their much written about deal with Google. While an interesting addition, Google is not taking on iTunes as some reports suggest.  This is more about adding song sampling or playback as well as purchase to music search on Google. Here's what we know so far and Hypebot will have more after the official announcement.

UPDATE: imeem and perhaps Pandora will be part of the new Google music search results.

Amid suggestionimage from s from some analysts that the company should sell its Rhapsody music service which has failed to gain traction and is facing increased competition, RealNetworks will Report Q3, 2009 results on Thursday October 29th. Call in to listen @ 800-857-5305 or 773-681-5857. Passcode: Third Quarter Earnings