Bandcamp Adds Physical Sales, Bundling

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Digital artist services site Bandcamp has just added a number of new sales options to its d.i.y. sales and marketing toolkit. Now artists can sell both physical merchandise and digital music from Bandcamp or bundle the sale of both together. You can, for example, create a vinyl, poster and download package, give fans the digital files immediately, and then ship out their merchandise.

Set-up appears fairly simple and most shipping and taxation issues are handled right inside the application.  And using Bandcamp is still free…for now. This four minute intro video explains the new features:

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  1. Bandcamp.com is a great idea. If you have a fan base.
    How many bands have a fan base to take advantage of all these revenue streams?
    How do you find fans who are likely to “get” you?
    How do you convert them from curious to pay for stuff?
    The answers to these questions will reduce the risk of creating for the creator and everyone else in the industry.
    Here’s my post on this: Everyone benefits by reducing the risk of creating content: http://bit.ly/3gJIcm
    Katherine Warman Kern

  2. Very awesome…Bandcamp just keeps getting more badass. We were recently discussing paying for myspace, which is utterly insane. I would imagine that that days of free Bandcamp are probably coming to an end, after this last batch of features. I [i]would[/i] pay for Bandcamp.
    It works exactly like it’s supposed to. That’s rare enough to be special.

  3. So you want to build a union for mediocre artists? The overhead would be staggering. An interesting project, though…personally, I think the “risk of creating content” should continue to increase because I’m sick of competing in an over-saturated market…these people need to get back to their day jobs ASAP.

  4. I couldn’t agree more Justin. They are a top tier service that warrants payment. They have excellent direct to fan selling tools that let YOU the artist choose how you want to deliver your art to the masses.

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