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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

Facebook does such a good job at pissing off their users...let's see if this leads to yet another backlash.

I wonder if they will do the same with Imeem now that its going to be gobbled up by Myspace aswell?

- Danny


Why the hell did Facebook (cheap bastards) not buy iLike themselves? It is hugely popular on their site and THEY misstepped by not buying it... now WE pay the price!


Being a DIY artist promoting a new album on social networks is really tough today. Myspace is dying and Facebook plain sucks. There is no way to reach out to new "Friends" to share your music, and if FB thinks you're doing to much of that, they just block you, shut you out and you can never see your data that you've so painstakingly put together, again. I've had this happen TWICE in two weeks. This is email that I received after I told the co-founders in an email to get over themselves (among other things):

"Facebook aspires to be an environment where people can interact safely with their friends and people they know. Accordingly, we expect accounts to reflect mainly your "real-world contacts." We do not endorse contacting strangers through unsolicited friend requests as they may be considered annoying or abusive.

To prevent this type of behavior, Facebook has limits in place that restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site. Your account was disabled because Facebook determined that you were going too fast when sending friend requests, despite being warned to slow down, or because your friend requests were being rejected at a high rate.

After further review of your account, we have determined that you violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities by misusing our site features to harass other users. We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

"Too fast", huh? You want us to pay for an ineffective FB ad instead? Ok, sure, no problem.
I WAS about to before you turned off my first account, numpties.

Ruzica Spasojevic


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