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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

Now their ad sales team will actually have to sell...Ive also seen some research that show how dramatically music plays have gone down since they disabled the auto play feature.

Myspace really need to deliver a better user experience & value proposition if they want to reclaim their former audience.

- Danny

The Pad

MySpace minus autoplay equals see ya later


Myspace is on its way out


I personally find it pretty annoying, but if you want it on your page, you can turn it back on...

ron artwell

*Laughing @ Danny* MySpace is never going to "reclaim their former audience".


I'd have to agree that Myspace will not reclaim their former audience. Much better tools have evolved for musicians to establish an audience, network, distribute and promote. There must be a very small percentage who can still use it efficiently as part of their online strategy.

Lee J.

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