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These guys desperately need to raise some cash to but an HD camera to broadcast the process.
Please send 'em a couple of quid here: http://www.kapipal.com/a42142d3e97b4b859cd394ab3318c317


This is a great story. This band is awesome! Reading this inspires me to recreate what they did for myself, as I am recording an album! Thank you for sharing this!

I wish the band good luck! It is such a good idea that I am sure they will raise the funds AND find a film maker to help them with their project. :)


Will the gear still be on sale as new the day after ? Considering existing video proof that it was used and is now second-hand equipment ^ ^


Now that's thinking out of the box. Good for them.


just had a listen to their bandcamp too - great songs and great voice. best of luck to them.

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

Thats dope!

Mojo Bone

Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but a music store is nearly the worst place I can think of to try to make a recording. If you put publicity and expediency in front of audio quality, your record will reflect that.


@Mojo Bone - worse than a studio with several other bands practicing in the vicinity? worse than my bedroom with my crappy m-box? What musician these days can honestly afford to go to a killer studio, take a week off from their bunk ass job, and drop 5k on a recording that may never get any play? This is a great idea, and your wet blanketness makes no sense to me.


They're recording after hours so there won't be noise. As long as they have a good engineer the recording should come out fine.


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