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Is There A Dark Side To Wines That Rock?

image from

image from "You see a poster of The Dark Side of the Moon and 'Money' starts to
play in your head…the iconic Rolling Stone’s Tongue and Lips on a
t-shirt makes you think about Mick and Keith jamming on
stage…Woodstock’s famous bird preached on the guitar neck brings back
thoughts of 1969 and all the bands that made 3 Days of Peace and Music

I love music and I love wine, but I can't decide if Wines That Rock is a good marketing and fun or a really dumb idea.

What do you think?

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  1. The wine industry has exploded in recent years, with tons of smaller wineries getting shelf space. It’s hard for anyone to stand out with so much competition, so wineries are doing every wacky thing they can to draw attention. Seriously, take a stroll through your local liquor store and check out the variety of promotions, tie-ins, coupons, colorful labels, and especially the elaborate spinning, blinking, talking displays. They’re selling a lifestyle, where the taste of the wine is practically irrelevant.
    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  2. This is a good idea done badly, they just slapped artwork on a bottle. It stops short of an endorsement, although there are probably some people out there who will think Pink Floyd has a new wine.
    If there was some relation between what was in the bottle and what was on the label (like if the artist chose the blend) then this would actually be cool. But as it stands, it’s just whoring of another flavor.
    And BTW, Forty Licks? That’s (yet another) a lame ass Stones greatest hits compilation. What exactly is it supposed to “bring back thoughts of”…..?

  3. official “dark side of the moon” lsd tabs i could understand. or “no satisfaction” horse tranquilisers.
    joking of course but seems the missing link is connecting a product that truly indentifies with the ethos/brand/listening experience delivered by the artist. old record guy is right – interesting idea but it just doesn’t work. crass.

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