Streaming Adds 1M Listeners In A Week Via Xbox Live

image from image from Just a week ago the Xbox Live announced they were integrating Zune, Twitter, Facebook and into its gaming platform. One million fans responded by creating custom radio stations on  That's a million new users for, and as Mashable points out it's almost 300 new users a minute during last week; which is according to, is the biggest growth spurt they’ve had since launching 2002.

This success certainly offers a boost to, as well as, to XBox Live's efforts to extend itself beyond gaming. But just as importantly, its a strong statement that fans want to hear the music they want, when they want delivered on the device of their choice. Mr. Record Exec, are you listening.?

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  1. Are these 1M new listeners paying subscribers? If not they will only produce additional costs for! Do you agree?

  2. This is true, although has been up for over a half a decade. Considering there longevity it is safe to say they will leverage off the new 1m listeners, & in the end make substantial profits. It is a win/win for all 4 parties involved, the listeners, the artists, XBOX Live, &

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