MOG $5 Music Subscriptions To Launch Dec 2

MOG’s premium music service, MOG All Access, will go live at 7 AM PST December 2nd. MOG promises a deep on-demand library for $5 a month with free trials offered at launch. Having grown skeptical that real revenue can be generated by free ad supported music services like Spotify, all four major label groups have signed on.

image from All Access builds on the network of music blogs and its 10 million monthly visitors. CEO David Hyman has worked at Gracenote, SonicNet, Addicted to Noise and MTV; and Rick Rubin sits on the board. But experienced execs do not guarantee success and paid subscription music has failed to gain traction with consumers before. 

MOG's $5 price is a major selling point, but struggling Napster matches MOG's price with a 3 month commitment and adds in free mp3's. What could set MOG apart is its interface; and a sneak preview shows a design that borrows heavily from iTunes and Spoitfy with strong playlist and music discovery features.

Watch the MOG intro video:

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  1. I’m rooting for these guys, I’ve been a member of MOG since the beginning. Rhapsody is a really shitty user experience, I’ve used it for several years and it never really gets better. I’m hoping the melding of their very targeted, music savvy community with a next gen streaming service will be something worth signing up for.
    I hope the discovery aspects include recommendations from other users (maybe I should watch the damned video.)
    We’ll see.

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