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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

I think they really want to tap into the loyal paying user base that Imeem has built. Almost every single teen that I speak with has an Imeem subscription...

If they acquire them it is definitely a subscription strategy.

- Danny


Imeem is great. That's where i listen to all the major label stuff that i'll never buy because it's online to stream for free, lol.


I listen to all my music on Imeem..now they're merging with Myspace Music? What the hell is this crap? I better be able to listen to my playlists.


Great, so does that mean Imeem is now going to be an advertising blackhole as well?

Try TuneCrypt.com, it's like myspace music, less all the advertisments.


Yeah, I love TuneCrypt! I hope they don't sell out like everyone else!


I hate u myspace I like the old imeem better!

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