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MySpace Music Overhauls Charts

MySpace has overhauled its music charts. Following a month after the addition of their Artist Dashboard, the new MySpace Music Charts are part of an effort to provide artists and users with more data and discovery options. "Over these past few months we’ve gone under the hood to take a closer look at the intelligence underlining the MySpace Music platform," says MySpace Music President Courtney Holt.

The new MySpace Music Charts include:

  • Artist, Song, Album, and Video Charts across genres
  • Charts by territory
  • Links to friend and connect with artists they discover in the charts.
  • New “Movers” section that highlights fastest rising artists and content across the network
  • Artist contributed content
  • Songs, albums, videos are available for free to stream for users in all territories

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  1. great to see myspace dip into their enormous database. i think this is a huge step in the right direction and has the potential to be a much more reflective representation of the hottest tracks than the outdated billboard model. yet, as others have already mentioned, they better make sure to make the factors transparent for everyone to see.
    in my startup’s ( ) case, we’re asking the fans flat-out what are their favorite songs from their favorite artists? once we aggregate the results, the crowdsourced model should be the best representation of the top tracks assuming a large enough sample (i’ll be the first to admit we’re not there yet, but it’s a-coming…)

  2. I wanted to share this reply from MySpace to what they meant by “artist contributed content”.
    “Our charts are robust because artists are uploading material to our platform. Once uploaded, that content may end up in the charts if it’s popular with our users.”
    “There is no chance an unsigned artist will ever show up on any other charts in the market right now. It’s truly unique to our service and possible because of our scale of artists, content, and user engagement.”
    Fair points. For all its faults, I wouldn’t write MySpace off yet.

  3. I think MySpace needs to consider the overall structure of their site, how it works, etc. before there business takes off again.
    Until that happens they can add things like this all they want but it’s not going to help the overall MySpace interactive experience.
    I really can’t tell what track they’re on. Only time will tell.
    My 2 cents.

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