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Survey: Spotify Reduces Illegal Downloading

image from The introduction of Spotify is curbing the habits of illegal downloaders in the UK according to a new survey.
  • 30 per cent of under twenties admit to illegal downloading
  • Spotify encourages 2 out of 3 Brits to curb their illegal downloading habits

Almost two thirds (62%) of those who admit to illegally downloading, say using Spotify has encouraged them to reduce the amount they download illegally or kick the habit altogether. The survey from price  comparison website on downloading and streaming also showed that one in eight in the UK (12%) admit to download illegally in the past six months. Illegal downloading is most prevelant among men (16% compared to 9% of women) and those under 20  30% of who admitted to the practice.

"Downloading music used to be mainly associated with illegal sites such as the old Napster, but now over a quarter (27 per cent) of people say they go to a digital source as first port of call; usually iTunes or Amazon, says James Parker, broadband manager at "With Spotify joining the ranks of legal music sites, illegal downloading seems set to become much less popular. With the new Spotify iPhone application and the new 'Monkey' tariff from Orange, which allows users to stream music from the orange site as part of the tariff, it will be interesting to see how these new mobile music services take-off. Streaming music for free or for a reasonable fee whilst on the move could spell the end for illegal downloading and could even send the CD the way of the mini-disc and cassette tape."

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  1. makes perfect sense to me. earlier this year the IFPI released a study that claimed only 5% of music consumed was paid-for….that means 95% COULD be monetized –> enormous opportunity!
    question is whether the users on spotify are content with streaming or do they want to own?

  2. so hypebot quotes another survey but *this* time they name it as such as opposed to last week when hypebot described a survey as a “study.”
    and because it’s a survey i don’t take much stock in it. people lie on surveys.

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