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Video: Duran Duran’s John Taylor On Attention, Competition & The New Music Industry

I set off quite a debate last week when I published a quote from John Taylor of Duran Duran’s presentation at UCLA’s 40th Anniversary of the Internet conference that Twitter was “diluting (musician’s) creative powers”. Here is video of Taylor’s full speech which leaves may leave you both respecting and disliking more.

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  1. After slamming him before I actually enjoyed watching this. He is simply giving his opinion of how music made him feel and how the scarcity that existed then made his hunger for music greater. At the risk of sounding like an old man, I do think there was a romantic mystique that music had when it was harder to get. I don’t think Mr. Taylor was saying that times were better then, just better for him and that is okay with me. In a way it is like listening to your Grandfather tell you the story of actually going to a major league baseball game in person as opposed to listening to it on the radio. Digital natives or the rest of us for that matter don’t have to ride their bikes 5 miles uphill,against the wind in the snow to get music. A great thing but is that why it is valued less? Maybe you don’t know what hunger is unless you have been hungry. Thankfully music is just a click away. Just pondering. Some of you may slam John for the lecture. I don’t believe he was dissing technology, just communicating how he discovered music and what it meant to him.

  2. I think he is right.musicians r less creative right now.they don’t have art they just want to sing shitty songs and become famous like ugly lady gaga.

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