10,000 Sonicbids Members Get $4 Million From SoundExchange

image from www.chicagobluestour.com Nearly 10,000 Sonicbids members got holiday presents in the form of $4 million from SoundExchange. The two companies partnered to identify indie artists using the Sonicbids electronic press kit system that are owed unclaimed digital performance rights.

SoundExchange is a non-profit that collects performance royalties from satellite and Internet radio, streaming sound recordings and other mostly online music sources. They also recently partnered with ReverbNation to find indie artists eligible for royalties. Artists can log on to their Soncibids account to see if they are owed money form SoundExchange or learn more about the partnership here.

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  1. As far as I understand it, that’s not in their jurisdiction — I think they only handle royalties. I think it will take some sort of collective action for indies to get a dime of the money owed by Snocap (maybe a class action lawsuit)?
    Honestly, with so many start-ups coming and going, I’m surprised that more people haven’t gotten screwed…

  2. Start ups come and go, but Nimbit is still here. We’ve paid our artists monthly since 2002. Storefronts for Facebook and MySpace, and a whole host of industry leading Direct to Fan tools. Tried and true, consistent, trusted – that’s Nimbit.

    We’re not coming or going — we’re here!

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