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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

Could/will Sound Exchange help out the indies who were screwed over by Snocap?


As far as I understand it, that's not in their jurisdiction -- I think they only handle royalties. I think it will take some sort of collective action for indies to get a dime of the money owed by Snocap (maybe a class action lawsuit)?

Honestly, with so many start-ups coming and going, I'm surprised that more people haven't gotten screwed...


Start ups come and go, but Nimbit is still here. We've paid our artists monthly since 2002. Storefronts for Facebook and MySpace, and a whole host of industry leading Direct to Fan tools. Tried and true, consistent, trusted - that's Nimbit.

We're not coming or going -- we're here!


I came across this review of ReverbNation on the music void. I can see it really taking off.


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