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How MySpace Can Still Beat Facebook

image from CNet UK assembled a gaggle of social media experts to tell MySpace how to save itself from the Facebook juggernaut. Some of their ideas:

  1. Sort out it's design mess.
  2. Focus on music.
  3. Get into live streaming.
  4. Open up its platform.
  5. Buddy up with Apple.
  6. Embrace a counter culture role.
  7. More sharing and collaboration.

More at CNet UK.

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  1. …and
    8. Fire the idiots that are currently running MySpace music replace with iLike
    9. Change name to MyFace
    10. Make platform ‘real’ by blocking all jacking software

  2. Myspace has to leave tastier carrots for its former users to return. Music is ripe to bring people back but as a whole the music space is already spreading to variegated networks and blogs.

  3. I don’t see MySpace as having any sort of counter culture role at all unless they significantly changed their programming or create more unique programs and features for “new/indie” artists. I get it that main stream brings in mainstream dollars but if you want to stand out and be the “epicenter of cool” your programming shouldn’t be featuring the exact same artists as everyone else.
    1. hire a real music editorial staff
    2. get rid of all the offensive pop up ads
    3. bring the authenticity back by blocking all the bots

  4. Totally agree with all of the above comments.
    Another thing I like about Facebook is that you tend to see a lot more people who actually have the ability to type out full words and construct sentences. Can we also ban people on Myspace from saying things like “OMG U R SO HAWT WAW HUW AWZUM”? Or is that too much? Haha.

  5. For me, the most critical difference between myspace and facebook is that my entire Facebook expereince is only with the people that I have explicitly included.
    Whereas on Myspace I am constantly being assaulted with stupidity from thousands of people I don’t know and will never care about. (Talking mainly about page comments here)
    And yeah, fix up the damn page designs already. The whole site is horribly bloated and 90’s looking.

  6. My Space has no chance of regaining its former status as number 1. As a “band” site, I was on there for 3 years and just recently cancelled my account. I saw the site go from being a possibility of promoting your music to “dead.” It’s great if you already are established and want to stay connected with your fans but otherwise ….. it was a site of musicians trying to sell their music to other musicians. LOL. They may have 300 million accounts but they definitely are not active accounts – it was abandoned in favour of Facebook. Plus, I believe there was a novelty factor with My Space that has vanished.

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