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WOW - insane. Will be very interesting to see the transition play out, and to hear what imeem users think. Thanks for reporting it first, Hypebot!

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

smart move on their part, this has to be a huge inconvenience for the end users though.


I think Myspace evolution in the year 2010 will be interesting to watch ...


Horrible news.


what the hell what about the people accounts and everything what about the firends they mayde how are we going to get them back when you deleted imeem


wow. glad we closed our Imeem page. wasn't a big fan.
looks like Myspace is making some major moves. Hope it works out. Get rid of some of the damn ads now!!


Glen Pridgen

I am glad to see MySpace getting back into the game and making some moves. I wasn't a huge fan of Imeem but I will be interested to see what they do with their new purchase.


huge is an understatement


For users who lost their playlists, take a look at the google cash. Just type in: site:imeem.com username. You'll probably find many of your most popular playlist names back. You can do the same thing for your imeem friends... I'm now trying to get started with grooveshark.com... which seems like a reasonable alternative.


Sonofabitch I hate myspace, and it is shiza that imeem sold out. I use Imeem on my iphone and loved it. So now i havta sign up for myspace. F U Imeem and Myspace!


What about those of us who HATE and DESPISE Myspace? Why are we forced to go through a site we hate to get music lists, such that, I have worked over a year to build and to enjoy? Myspace sux MAGGOT BALLZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

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