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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

I actually consult for a group (even oddz) who is/was owed money from Snocap...not very much at all, but still its fucked up. Kinda the same thing that happens when a distributor or indie music store goes bankrupt.

But hey, what can you do? Its the business we chose lol

Timo Poijärvi

And they still think indie bands would trust the new set up? The word gets around pretty fast...

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

It appears like the New Music Business is kind of reminiscent of a gold rush in the old days, when shovelmakers, toolmakers and producers of black powder were making the money, but not the actual independent gold diggers themselves.
From this viewpoint, MySpace, FaceBook, SnoCap and all those middlemen for hire represent the shovelmakers whilst the indie artists represent the gold diggers - but if a lot of indie artists suffered from the bad luck of their hired middleman going under, what would that mean for the musical middle class? Would it still exist anyway or would the hired middlemen just keep all the money?

The Rutles - Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmgwxMrq0kc

Don Shetterly

Everyone wants to make money from the indie artists but when it comes time to pay up - suddenly, there's no money. Isn't it just fabulous how corporate America works! *cough*

Creep Macabre

I signed up for Snocap a long time ago, and they don't offer to pay in checks or debit, they only ask for all of your bank account information. As a result, I never filled it out, and I never would have made any money anyway. I took it off because I was worried about the fans getting ripped off, but put it back on recently just so people could download my music.

But the Snocap site has been down for a week and it is messing up the layout of my webpages as a result. These are the corrupt Napster guys who screwed over the music industry in the first place. I guess it is the myspace aquisition or something, Snocap is completely down right now, and unfortunately I hope they come back up. Yeah, these are the Napster guys that killed the music industry in the first place.

Keep Creepin,
Creep Macabre


Well Put Macabre. I signed up, never could get it to link up with my Myspace page. Thought that was odd. Finally posted it from the HTML code on the site. I trusted it before doing any research because my friends bands fairly established and touring with Major Label acts were using them on their Myspace pages. Oh well, I may never know if I made a dime.

Travis Comer

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