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Kik To Bring Stream And Buy Music To Blackberry

"The labels love Kik because it targets a demo that never paid for music." – Ted Livingston, Kik

Originally launched as Unsynced, a utility for managing music on The Blackberry, Kik will enable free and legal mobile playback and playlisting. After three free plays the user gets three options: buy a 99 cent mp3, that can be moved to any device,  pay $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming or listen to a 5-10 second audio ad and the user can continue to enjoy the song on their phone. Playlisting and sharing with others is also enabled. Expect a Q1 Canadian and Q2 U.S. launch. (Kik fact sheet.)

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  1. Hey,
    Ted from Kik. Just wanted to say thanks for the post, we really appreciate it! The video above shows a good chunk of the experience, but there is still a lot more to come!
    Thanks again!

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