MidemNet Chooses Top 15 Digital Music Startups

image from www.musically.com MidemNet Lab, a new showcase for cutting-edge digital music initiatives, has named 15 start-ups to present in a dedicated area during the Midem convention this January in Cannes.

The 15 start-ups chosen by Music Ally and a jury of entrepreneurs cover a range of digital fields that offer opportunities for the music industry including live applications (Awdio, Songkick, Streamjam), digital licensing of sheet music and lyrics (DigiClef, TuneWiki), artist management (BandCentral), managing key data for artists (Band Metrics), digital distribution (Pops Worldwide), web radio (Radionomy), remixing (Aviary, GoMix and Tracksandfields), musical discovery (Thesixtyone), artistic financing (Kickstarter) and on-line advertising (Silence Media).

"The first edition of MidemNet Lab is extremely encouraging. Thanks to a selection process designed by MIDEM, involving a call for entries and selection by a jury of entrepreneurs, we have succeeded in unearthing some very innovative projects from all around the world. It is extremely exciting to put these 15 companies in contact with the wider music industry," said Dominique Leguern, director of MIDEM.

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