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Angry consumer here - I will NOT support MySpace or any of its advertisers in protest.
Shut down the site? Sad, but understandable in this economy.
Cut off my profile with out warning?
Bad form.

Getting together a group to move to Grooveshark.

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

That was such a shitty & abrupt move...what a way to piss of their loyal consumer base. Horrible user experience. I hope they can turn it around quickly and provide some type of incentive for the former die hard imeem community.


This sucks badly. I truly hope that they migrate every imeem user's playlist to myspace music. It was very difficult for me to find the music that I had on my imeem playlist

Friend Adder Elite

That was a really very short notice. But if it enables the Myspace to save Imeem, well I agree with their move.

Friend Adder Elite

Man they should really fix there stuff things like this would really cost them a lot especially there credibility!

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