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MySpace Says Wait A Little Longer For Your Imeem Playlists

This email went out to imeem users earlier this week:

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The MySpace Music team is working around the clock to duplicate your imeem playlists and make them available to you on as soon as possible.

In the coming weeks, we will be emailing you with instructions on how to claim your playlists on MySpace Music, using your MySpace login. If you don’t have a MySpace account you can sign up for one here.

If you have questions about MySpace, please visit

Thanks for your patience. We will be in touch soon.

– MySpace Music Team

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  1. Thanks, because I had built some awesome playlists and integrated them into my website. Every since the transition I have been forced to take them down.

  2. Took me ages to create some great playlists. They were huge and some of them used to be the most popular in their genre (e.g. Acid Jazz).
    But now they’re gone…
    Since imeem has been acquired by MySpace, it’s all crap! You guys at MySpace suck, so get fucked! I want my playlists back!

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