SoundExchange Partners With ReverbNation To Deliver Digital Performance Royalties

image from www.google.comimage from www.reverbnation.com Royalty collection agency SoundExchange has partnered with ReverbNation to register and deliver digital performance royalties to RN's 500,000 member artists. SoundExchange collects payments for the use of recordings on satellite, internet and cable TV music stations.

Artists and labels who may be due compensation should sign up at SoundExchange.com.

"When SoundExchange approached us about getting money into the hands of the artists who have earned it, we didn't hesitate," says ReverbNation co-founder and VP of Artist Relations Lou Plaia. "ReverbNation exists to help artists earn money from their art and manage their fan relationships to that end."

"Because of their enormous level of engagement with artists across the entire spectrum of genre, experience and exposure levels, SoundExchange sought out ReverbNation as a logical partner with which to conduct our program to educate and register artists for whom we have collected performance royalties," said SoundExchange's VP of New Media and External Affairs Bryan Calhoun. "Our goal, with RverbNation’s help, is to inform every artist and rights holder for whom we have money and get it to them ASAP."

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  1. I think SoundExchange has a lot to offer the indie community. The ASCAP/BMI surveys obviously underreport anything outside the mainstream, but streaming royalties are easily tracked.

  2. I’m also really impressed with SoundExchange’s proactive stance — it really seems like they’ve been trying *hard* to get people aware and registered.

  3. I have been registered with Sound Exchange for quite a while now and I KNOW my music is being streamed out there in the cyber world, but when I do a “plays” search for specific songs on their site, it consistently returns a “zero results.”
    Not sure how this benefits me if the reporting is flawed….
    Michael Stone

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