The Artist As An Entrepeneur And Vice Versa

image from gapingvoid.com

"In their own way, all artists are entre­pre­neurs, and all entre­pre­neurs are artists.

Though their tools and pro­ducts may dif­fer, both entre­pre­neurs and artists are in the same game– the making and selling of work that is per­so­nally and emo­tio­nally impor­tant to them.

Artist. Entre­pre­neur. They’re just words.

What’s far more inte­res­ting is not what we create, but how we create it, WHY we create it."

Hugh McLeod, Gaping Void

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  1. Great point. The key is finding a way to use your blooming creativity in the business world, whether you are signed or not.
    Funny cartoon too!

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