A Framework For Music Marketing In 2010

image from www.musicthinktank.comMost know Bruce Warila as the glue that holds the Music Think Tank blog together. But he's also an entrepreneur who has been involved in many tech startups over the last 15 years (the last 5 in music tech), and the chart above is the conceptual framework for his next project. 

On the chart, the outer boxes guide and constrain each of the inner boxes. Bruce is only hinting at exactly what that means for his new venture. But in the meantime, he's provided the rest of us with a framework to guide our own efforts.

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  1. Seems pretty interesting. Doesnt matter how good your band is, if you do not properly market your music no one is going to find you!
    Thankfully social media and other marketing tactics have made it a lot easier to get discovered nowadays.

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