Band Metrics Retools

Music analytic site Band Metrics has totally redesigned its service bringing it into the cloud and revamping its interface. "Essentially, this allows artists, managers, labels and the like to see a breakdown of fans based initially on Twitter comments, and a fan's influence among their friends." says Band Metrics founder Duncan Freeman.

The company got this initial release out just in time for the MidemNet Lab tech showcase and more sources of data and other improvements are being added almost daily. "We still have lots of work to do, including design enhancements and new features, as well as incorporate our existing analytical tools into the new site.

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  1. Anyone else having a difficult with this beta? Syncing to Facebook, and getting error messages when I try to access analytics.

  2. Yeah., I’ve been having problems since the new beta too. I have a label account there and now I’m having trouble logging and accessing the various bands.

  3. Hi James:
    Thanks for the feedback. When you get a moment, would you please provide more detail @ help.bandmetrics.com as I just logged in via my Facebook account without any difficulties. As for issues with receiving/viewing your analytics, would you also please provide more detail @ help.bandmetrics.com as we’re not seeing any issues.
    As for label accounts, that’s a feature that exists in our old system which we will migrate into our new system in the next couple of weeks.
    Again, many thanks for the feedback.
    Best, Duncan

  4. Is bandmetrics still alive? This site looks like it hasn’t changed in months. Slow death. Why don’t they shoot this thing and get it over with.
    Duncan Freeman has run this company into the ground. He should go back to selling ginseng supplements out of the back of his van.

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