Don’t Confuse The “Music Industry” With The “Record Industry”

image from profy.com "The term ‘music industry’ is a misnomer. In reality the ‘music industry’ is not one industry, it is several independent industries. This is an important distinction because if we say that there is a “crisis in the music industry” it suggests an equal amount of misfortune for everyone (musicians, the recording industry, the live-music industry, Internet radio, etc.) and in fact this not true. Misuse of the term ‘music industry’ distorts the reality of the situation."

– Chris Castiglione on Music Think Tank

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  1. I’ve never thought of the Music Industry as the Record Industry. What flips me out is when people use Music Industry to refer to the Major Labels.
    In any case, I think of the Music Industry as not being “several independent industries” but more of a horizontal hybrid that cuts across numerous verticals and refers to all business activities enabled by music including, for example, music-related fashions. But that may go a bit far for some business analysts.
    That’s basically how I looked at things when I started ProHipHop and began tracking hip hop business wherever it raised its unruly head. It really worked well for me in trying to sort out the changes in music industry business models.

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