Hypebot’s Only Prediction For 2010

image from www.wpclipart.comThose that serve the fan will thrive.

Those that do not will whither.

Simplistic? Perhaps. Essential? Absolutely.

I made this prediction on the MidemNet blog and write a bit more about it there. Service to the fan will help us guide our Skyline Music agency clients in 2010 and be part of determining what gets coverage on Hypebot and what to leave for other media to write about. Direct and indirect service to the fan is also how I'll judge the new companies and concepts that I'll be learning about later this month at MidemNet and MIDEM and discuss at MIDEM+.

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  1. Amen, D2F is the cornerstone of damn near everything moving forward. Most people accept the concept, now it’s all about perfecting the execution and establishing your digital toolbox.

  2. I posted a comment on the MidemNet blog but it hasn’t shown up yet. Here’s more or less what I wrote.
    More than ever, music is now more about service than about art.
    Before you turn your nose up at your local cover band, keep in mind that if they pack the neighborhood bar with people who are drinking and dancing, people are happy (both the fans and the venue owner).

  3. ProHipHop’s prediction:
    It will be a difficult year for Bruce Houghton as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga rise to new heights!
    However, such difficulties will seem small in comparison to Mr. Houghton’s continued rise.
    Happy New Year!

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