Longtime Napster CEO Chris Gorog Steps Down

In a post on Napster's blog, longtime CEO Chris Gorog announced that he would be leaving the company. The move comes almost 18 months after he oversaw the sales of Napster to Best Buy.

image from scrapetv.com Today is my last day as CEO of Napster after having helped build the service over the last eight years. I am leaving the leadership of Napster to my close colleague (COO) Christopher Allen, who is a talented and deeply experienced digital media executive and who is passionate and devoted to the dream of Napster."

"…We began with a simple idea – “legalizing Napster” – and spent almost a decade trying to perfect that dream…

I believe over the next decade the idea of 'owning'entertainment content in the digital age will become a passé concept – replaced by paying a fair fee for access to – everything. All the music, movies, and games your heart desires." (more)

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