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Midem 2010 – Tuesday AM Update

image from (Cannes) #Midem

  • The full MIDEM trade show was in full swing yesterday and it's now official: aattendance is down 13%. Many companies sent fewer delegates and Universal has no presence at all.  But combining MidemNet with the Midem ticket was a big hit with higher attendance and more excitement from a broader cross section of attendees. Many are calling this year's program the best yet.
  • Two additional MidemNet related initiatives are also very popular . Standing room only crowds have been regular occurrences at both MidemNet Lab, a showcase of 15 music tech startups and MidemNet Academy, a smaller seminar area offering practical digital advice. People are now looking for answers ar MIDEM in addition to making deals.
  • There has been lots of deal making going on at The A2IM Midem Pavilion. This hub of activity showcases over 100 U.S. based independent music companies in a single area. And those end of the day cocktail parties don't hurt popularity…
  • Lots of great response to our Topspin NARM Hello Music Hypebot Meetup tonight.  Get there early.

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