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#Midem: Global Music Consumption Survey

  • image from 8500 interviews in 13 countries
  • 63% are passionate about music
  • 14% would listen to music every minute of the day if they could.
  • Streaming a favorite delivery method for 21%
  • 29% admit to downloading without paying
  • 30% bought a CD in the last month
  • 11% bought a download within the month
  • Video via mobile growing fastest in emerging markets
  • 42% went to a concert last year
  • 16% bought a concert DVD in last year
  • 19% bought t-shirt / merch.
  • Many OK with listening to an ad to download (45%) and stream (41%)

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  1. Here’s the challenge.
    63% are passionate about music
    14% would listen to music every minute of the day if they could.
    42% went to A concert last Year
    16% bought A concert DVD in last Year
    19% bought t-shirt / merch. (according to another source reporting on this presentation, only 11% had bought an artist t-shirt or other clothing.)
    So for all of that music consumption, fans have maybe bought something other than recorded music ONCE over the past year. Think of how much music they listen to, and then how little music-related stuff they actually have purchased. So if you lose the money spent on recorded music, you may not make it up elsewhere.

  2. And I should stress that even as only 11% bought one piece of merch in the last year, that means 89% bought none.
    So it would appear that the core income-generating sources from fans continue to be recorded music and live shows. And show income isn’t all that great because less than half of respondents went to ONE concert last year. The rest didn’t attend any.

  3. When I first read this original post, the highest percentage, “42% went to a concert last year” is what stood out for me. Then, I pretty much came to the same conclusion as Suzanne.
    After reading the full report, I realized the 42% was a global total and that 58% of Americans went to a concert last year. It was still disappointing to find only 16% of Americans bought t-shirts. I would like to have seen break downs of every country in every category.
    I was also surprised at the percentage of those willing to pay for text alerts (70%), queue jumper (67%), and members only website features (67%). I feel a new biz model coming on, lol
    Oh yeah, where was Japan, the world’s 2nd largest music market?

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