More Midem 2010 Deals & Announcements

image from richardwiseman.files.wordpress.com (Cannes) #Midem Tuesday AM

  • MusicDNA is being touted as the successor to the MP3. It is based on an MP3 file, but also displays everything from lyrics, artwork and tour dates to blog posts, videos and tweets within a custom player. If it is a legitimately purchased file, the added content automatically updates whenever the player is connected to the net. 

The company behind MusicDNA, Bach Technology, worked on the development of the MP3 and Karlheinz Brandenburg, the inventor of the MP3 and Bach investor joined them at MIDEM for the launch.

  • EU digital distributor [PIAS] Entertainment Group have partnered with Digital Animal (direct sales), MAM Logistic (physical goods fulfillment) and direct to fan marketing platform Topspin Media to launch [PIAS] D2C, a range of services that provide [PIAS] related repertoire owners with integrated e-commerce capabilities.
  • RightsFlow, a provider of bulk mechanical licensing and royalty services, announced an agreement with UK copyright organization PRS for Music to allow RightsFlow to identify and license PRS for Music works for mechanical uses in the United States.  The project allows UK artists to receive royalties from digital transactions in the United States even when the content does not have North American representation.
  • Industry vets Seymour Stein (Sire Records) and Richard Gottehrer (The Orchard) announced they are relaunching the old Blue Horizon label at a press conference Monday.

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