Music Tech Investments Up In ’09 Despite Economy

Band Metrics founder and CEO Duncan Freeman has completed his annual review of investments in music technology companies for his Indie Music Tech blog. Despite the down economy and what many believed to be a retrenchment from music tech investments, Duncan found some very hopeful trends:image from weblogs.cltv.com

  •  There were almost $4 billion in transactions, up from last year 
  • Even if you remove the EMI, Bertelsmann and Live Nation / Ticktemaster
    deals, it's still over $329,275,000 in transactions, which is also up
    from last year.
  • The second half of the year was stronger, with the third quarter being the strongest. The second half also led in terms of acquisitions, with most taking place in the fourth quarter and perhaps an indicator of more acquisitions to come in 2010.

Read the complete report.

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