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MusicScout: Instant Location Based Fan Feedback

image from Duncan Freeman, the man behind Band Metrics, has added another venture, MusicScout. It's a free location aware mobile music smartphone app that
enables you to express your thoughts about the band you're watching in
real-time from the venue.  The Android app is available now, and the iPhone app will be available once approved by Apple in about 2

They are still fine tuning the design. "But it's not just a tool for music aficionados, critics and music
lovers," says Freeman/ "Just imagine the kind of feedback that this app could produce
for a band, manager, A&R rep, etc. – from the live sound, to the
songs selected for each show, to the venue, etc."

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  1. Thanks man! And we’ve got several new features and design improvements we’re working on now, including analytics, so stay tuned and thanks for the support!

  2. Um has anybody used this ap? You know got some hands on info? I downloaded it on my droid and it delivers an error. I went to their website, went to the forum and I’m not the only one, and there is no feedback from the maker that anyone is at home. Bummer. When I log into the site, I have the ability to give them 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars. I would not call that great feedback. It did show all the shows coming to town, but the star rating is not what I would call a great, constructive feedback.

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