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New Music Seminar Comes To LA February 2nd

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Hypebot Has A 2 For 1 Ticket Discounts

Much of the music industry (including Hypebot) is headed to the south of France for MIDEM, but the follwoing week the action shifts to Los Angeles and the Grammy's followed by the first ever LA New Music Seminar on February 2nd.

I'll be making the trip to LA to be a panelist at NMS and am proud to be a part of it's stellar lineup. Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, is one of the keynotes at the Henry Fonda Theater. Spotify, under the leadership of Ek is the innovative new music technology and service that has taken Europe by storm and is now poised to enter the US market with equal force.

Other panelists include:über producer, Rodney Jerkins, Kevin Lyman, President/founder Warp Tour, Alexandra Patsavas of Chop Shop Music, Justin Tranter, lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons, a rare appearance by Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby and Jason Bentley, Program Director of KCRW.

A full list of panelists and the 2 for 1 ticket discount code:

The conference will feature Keynote address and four Movements:

1st Movement  Success & FRM : Conductor Tom Silverman

  • Tom Silverman          Tommy Boy/NMS     Founder
  • Mike Doernberg        ReverbNation            Founder                           
  • Bryan Calhoun          SoundExchange       VP, New Media
  • Ian Rogers                 Topspin                  President
  • Bruce Houghton        Hypebot                  President
  • Frank Cooper            Pepsi                      Chief Marketing Officer

Keynote:  Daniel Ek: Founder Spotify

2nd Movement Marketing: Conductor Jon Healy

  • Jon Healy                   LA Times                Editorial Writer
  • Greg Estes                  Mozes                   VP Marketing
  • Alexandra Patsavas  Chop Shop                Music Supervisor
  • Derek Sivers              CD Baby                  Founder
  • Corey Denis               Not Shocking           Founder

3rd Movement Creative:  Conductor Jason Bentley

  • Jason Bentley          KCRW                   Program Director
  • Justin Tranter           Semi-Precious Weapons   Lead Singer
  • Elliot Wilson            Rap Radar                   Founder/Owner                    
  • Rodney Jerkins        Darkchild Records      Producer
  • Tom Jackson      President

4th Movement  Touring: Conductor Dave Lory

  • Dave Lory                 DJL Live Music Productions                
  • Martin Atkins            Tour:Smart / Invisible Records                  
  • Kevin Lyman             Warp Tour/4fini Productions                     
  • Eliott Lefko               Golden Voice/AEG                                 
  • Martin Winsch          Mountain Ent./ Mgr Corey Smith  

For 2 for 1 discount tickets use the code NMSLA2 through Google checkout on the New Music Seminar site.

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  1. What a waste of time… and money for everyone.
    Are Tom Silverman and gang going to take teh money and run again like they did the first time around?

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