New Radio Ad Kills Lady Gaga

Britney Spears Lady Gaga

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A new ad from an Irish radio station shows a dead  body under the headline "Britney Spears Lady Gaga". the the word "spears" is intended as an action.  Though I'm not at all a Lady Gaga fan, the trouble with this kind of marketing is that, while it gets your attention, it tells you what the station is not, rather than what it is. In this instant information age not being something is no longer enough. (via Ads of the World)

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  1. I should think there is worse trouble with this ad than the lack of a clear positioning message. Or are we so inured to pointlessly violent imagery that this just looks funny?

  2. to me this ad was saying that lady gaga and brit spears music is dead and wont be played on the show!?

  3. I agree Bruce. Right next to this article is an advert for Soundsnap saying “Kill your sound library!” Violent words and kill messages are consistently instructing and informing our world. This has been occurring for hundreds of years. I’m not a fan of either artist featured in this advert, however, it’s still disturbing to see a radio station attempting to augment and widen it’s audience base through death image crime scene.

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