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Action Begins #Midem: The Artist’s Perspective

  • image from On the artist's panel Amanda Palmer told about how sharing her frustration with her record label – i.e. when they told her she looked fat in her photos – cemented her relationship with her fans.
  • Palmer opened with ukulele and a short version of Radiohead's "Creep". Watch
  • Palmer remains constantly connected with her fans.  She twittered within 1 minute of waking up ("The light was so beautiful in my room".) and seconds before she walked on stage telling her fans where to watch the stream of her panel.
  • Hal Ritson, The Young Punx and Musical Director, Dizzee Rascal Live (UK) – He treats the right bloggers as Gods.  They get music first – before the mainstream press. Carefully manages the release of his content across platforms.
  • Ritson barely worries about actually selling records and concentrates on finding other revenue streams like sponsorships.
  • "We all know all these things – Facebook, Twitter, etc.  "The trick is to use them personally and professionally," sats Ritson.
  • Palmer playing out on the street for her fans at 6:30.

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