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Viral Video Darlings OK Go Stumble With Restricted New Release

When OK Go's clever treadmill video went viral in 2006 (it's now over 49 million views), it helped propel the band towards a certain level of indie rock stardom.  But their latest video for the single "This Too Shall Pass" filmed with the help of 200 members of Notre Dame marching band, isn't fairing as well.

The band's label, which uploaded the site to YouTube, has prevented the video from going viral by disabling the embed feature and restricting its usage in some territories via geo-tagging.  The band claims they are not happy with the Capital's restrictions and someone has uploaded the video (watch below) to Vimeo, who have ironically been sued by Capital parent EMI in the past.

Perhaps in a move to not upset their label, but disappointing to their fans, OK Go have issued only weak public complaints including this half-hearted attempt at humor blaming YouTube for the problem.

The new video via Vimeo:

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

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