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Who Says All Record Labels Are Suffering?

Dangerbird Records Moves Into Fancy New Digs

The struggles of both large and small record labels and the reasons behind the tough times had provided fodder for this blog and many others for several years. But if it's fancy new two building campus in LA's trendy Silverlake is any indication, Dangerbird Records seems to be bucking the trend.

How does Dangerbird do it?  Apparently these guys have great ears combined with a smart use of new and social media and a strong design aesthetic. They also manage many of the acts on the label.

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  1. Again you celebrate “the biz” and offer nothing of hope to the artist. L.A. hipster douchebags cashing in on a high of product placement? Beginning to think this blog actually hates music. You never talk about great songs, or amazing talent, just business. It’s clear you have no appreciation of art. This blog is for corporate d’bags.

  2. Damn, someone’s cranky — two ‘douchebags’ in five sentences? If you look at the blog’s header, you’ll notice the phrase “the new music business”. If you want to read a blog about new bands or whatever, there are plenty of those. If you want to read about things that are happening in the music industry, this is a pretty damn good spot to read it. If it makes you angry whenever musicians or labels that you think are douchebags are successful, then you probably shouldn’t read anything.

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