DEVO Inc. Conducts Focus Group To Choose Ideal Color For New DEVO Brand

(Update 2) As part of a partnership that involves the band DEVO, former Orchard CEO Greg Scholl (now at NBC) and Warner Brothers Records, focus groups were recently orchestrated in Los Angeles to chose the color of the new DEVO brand.

image from www.wired.com image from themusicslut.com Hypebot has launched a full investigation to determine the true reason for this bizarre coupling. Stay tuned….

Hypebot readers are encouraged to submit theories, photos taken with their iPhones (no old school Blackberry photos please), and exclusive tips based on information found on their RSS feeds. All secrets should be posted in the comments section below. Your privacy is guaranteed, since no one reads then any way. 

Here, in an exclusive video uncovered by Hypebot on YouTube, are some shocking results from the color focus groups:

More Video: Greg Scholl, COO of DEVO Inc. reads his first official communique to the public:

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  1. Bruce, you’re going to have to add this to your lose/loose word list.
    bazaar = an open-air marketplace, typically in the Middle East.
    bizarre = strange or unusual.

  2. If you want a serious comment -here it is: The idea of color and music and marketing and art is very much a subject of pop art history. From Albers to the White Album to Lichtenstein to Keinholz there is ample material from which to draw. There is even an Italian artist, Pierro Motollo part of a contemporary school of thought and exploration about the perceptual and psychological relationships. As an experiment it still has possibilties about resonance, our universe and our limited sensory organs. As an art experience they could hook up with the ART 21 peeps out of NYC for some creds. But if this is a marketing effort purely designed to separate the maximum amount of money from the maximum amount of people, it may be a stretch. In my very small opinion, in difficult economic times, it is the real touch of people to people that makes the exchange of energies (aka money) worth our while. Something about how we can change, how we grow, adapt, connect and reach out to each other. If they are not looking for a serious comment: No soap radio.

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