Do You Have A Favorite Song About The Music Industry?

This hardly original but clever song from CES set to Barry Manilow's Copacabana about Silicon Valley got me thinking that it's time that we all gave props to an under-recognized genre of music – songs about the music industry. 

What is your favorite song about the music industry? Springsteen's "Radio Nowhere" comes to mind for me.

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  1. I’m thinking it’s gotta be either “Around the Dial” by the Kinks, or maybe “Money” by Pink Floyd. Then again, “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh is pretty cool. Oh, and what about “The Last DJ” by Tom Petty. Hmm … so many …. 🙂

  2. How about “The Big 3 Killed My Baby” by the White Stripes?
    And there’s the absolutely haunting “Angeles” by Elliot Smith, which I have always assumed to be about the music industry.

  3. How about “Mercury Poisoning” from Graham Parker?
    “I gotta dinosaur for a representative
    It’s got a small brain and refuses to learn”

  4. Immortal Techniques got a lot of choice words for the old music industry, especially “Freedom of Speech”:
    “Intelligent plans, f*** a record deal, I want development land, with my benevolent clan
    And that’s the reason that I only trust my fam
    40,000 records sold, 400 grand
    F*** a middle man, I won’t pay anyone else
    I’ll bootleg it and sell it to the streets my self
    I’d rather be that than signed and stuck on a shelf
    And because of this executives try to diss me?
    Racism frozen in time like Walt Disney
    And now they say they wanna get me signed to the majors
    If I switch up my politics and change my behavior
    Try to tell me what to rhyme about over the beat
    Bitch n****s that never spent a day in the street
    But I repeat that nobody can hold my reins
    I put the truth on tracks n****, simple and plain”

  5. I like and respect Geoff Travis an awful lot, and it may not be about him/Rough Trade, but “Frankly, Mr. Shankly” is pretty great.

  6. The Kinks, “Money Go ‘Round.” Also “Celluloid Heroes” which could be about the music business

  7. Stiff Little Fingers:
    Record boss said, “We would be a smash
    Yeah, go straight to number one”
    He talked of hits and tours and lots of cash
    And all the time it wasn’t on
    And I believed every word he said
    And I swallowed every line
    Yeah, I believed every word was true
    And I didn’t find out in time
    We were betrayed, betrayed, betrayed
    Betrayed, betrayed by Rough Trade lies
    Betrayed by lies

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